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SuiteDash Lifetime Deal Access
Published On: September 13, 2021
SuiteDash Lifetime Deal

That perfectly fits your business

It’s a LifeTime Deal ($129/Life)

Pay Once, Use for Lifetime (Regular Price: $99/month)

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is the cloud-based platform for all your business software needs. It is All-in-One Business Software that empowers collaboration with your team and streamlines interaction with your clients.

Avoid the pain of setting up, learning, and paying for a mishmash of separate software tools.

Single-use tools are the individually wrapped plastic cutlery of the business world, except they come in tricky packaging you have to remember how to unwrap every time. You’ve got a budding business to manage, and you don’t want to waste time wrestling with a mishmash of separate tools that aren’t designed to work together

Ready for a comprehensive platform that consolidates all the software you need to run your business?

Buy Lifetime Deal

Your brand is one of the most valuable pieces of your business. We offer full white labeling to completely hide SuiteDash and only show your brand. We’ve got everything covered, from where your Clients go to log in, to any emails sent their way, to any links they receive. You get all the credit, and they have no idea what a SuiteDash is.

With SuiteDash, give your Clients the full White Label experience. Impress them by giving them the option to install your very own app onto their mobile device. It’s fast, easy, and there’s no fiddling with an app store required. Proudly see your own app icon among your other apps on your device.

SuiteDash REPLACES the core functionality of ALL these tools.

Client Portal Software

  👉 Advanced File Exchange
👉 CRM / Client Management
👉 Custom Client On-Boarding
👉 Appointment Scheduling
👉 Project Management
👉 Time Tracking & Billing
👉 Cloud-Based Proposals
👉 Estimates & Invoicing
👉 Contracts & eSigning
👉 Custom Embeddable Forms
👉 Email & Drip Marketing
👉 Real-Time Team Chat

Some Core Functionalities of SuiteDash

Automate your lead generation & Onboarding Process

Create & configure multiple acquisition & onboarding funnels designed to efficiently convert Leads into happy Customers.

  • Customize the Client Portal experience with your URL, Logo & Colors

Your Clients & Staff will access your Portal via your Custom URL & a fully customizable login screen. Or, they can install your White Label Mobile App on their phone/tablet and always be in touch, even on the go.

Merge Client’s unique data dynamically into their assigned Custom Dashboard

Each Client will see their own data, status, and/or files. Get a head start with pre-built Dashboard templates and Info Pages. Embed iFrames, YouTube & Vimeo videos, or any other embeddable widget directly into Client Portal.

Get paid Online (Subscription Payments + Membership Site)

A complete solution for sending invoices & receiving payments directly in the Portal + a fully-featured Subscription Payment & Membership Site solution that provides powerful subscription management options for both you and the Client.

Grab Lifetime Deal Now

Securely store, send and share clients’ files with ease.

Upload those files, done! Download these files, check! Using a client portal to share files gives you mission-specific tools designed to do the exact job you need, do it quickly and efficiently, and all the while protecting and promoting your brand integrity.

  • Send beautiful Proposals online & Prospects can easily review & accept

Design content-rich, multi-page Proposals that can automatically trigger other actions when accepted (Invoice auto-creation, additional Contracts, etc.)

  • Each member of your team can create a stand-alone ‘booking page’ or embed their widget on your website

Powerful options to control appointment length, the time between appointments, etc… You can configure all the details related to each appointment type, and set up automated actions that happen when a time is booked.

  • Manage your team & keep your Clients updated & involved. (Templates & Automations eliminate repetitive work)

Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips. Easily track time spent on a particular Project or Task, and add that time as a billable item on an Invoice.

  • Communicate seamlessly with the Client and your Team in a secure & organized way

Your own private & secure messaging network directly inside your Portal. Send Secure Messages to one or more Client(s) or Staff member(s). Live Chat keeps your Team in collaborative sync.

Here are Lifetime prices for you. Grab Lifetime Access For $129 (Only Few Hours Left)

SuiteDash Lifetime Deal

What are SuiteKeys?

SuiteKeys are special license keys that unlock SuiteDash for LIFE! Redeeming just a single SuiteKeygrants you the Pinnacle Plan, which is the highest tier plan we offer. 

You can purchase just one SuiteKey or more than one SuiteKey.
>Fingure Simble<More SuiteKeys = More Staff + More File Storage

What’s included?

Lifetime access to SuiteDash Pinnacle Plan

30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

All future Pinnacle Plan updates

Stacking SuiteKeys

SuiteKeys allow you to the perfectly “size” your Lifetime License to fit your unique needs! Just decide how many staff members you’re likely to need, and how many files Storage you might need… then, buy the number of SuiteKeys that get you to those levels.

After purchase, you’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions.

You’ll create your SuiteDash account by “redeeming” your SuiteKey(s) during the account creation process. The Staff / Storage limits for your account will be configured based on how many SuiteKeys you redeem in that account. You are able to add more SuiteKeys to an account at any time until you reach the maximum of 10 per account.

EVERY Lifetime account will have UNLIMITED Contacts in your CRM, along with  UNLIMITED Client Portals, Projects, Proposals, Invoices, Contracts, Timers, Appointments, File Transfers, File Requests, Shared Folders, Marketing Campaigns, Autoresponders, and much more!

Pay Once, Use For Lifetime

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